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treatments and prices

Treatments and Prices

Treatments and prices

Orthodontic Treatment

orthodontic braces
  • $1400 DLS.
  • Time to place brackets 60 min.
  • Time in monthy checkout 15 min.

Prices for orthodontic treatment start from $1,400 dls, depending on each treatment and dificulty. Downpayment start from $550 dls(includes Study with X-Ray and place braces on top and bottom (if not possible for you, we can devide payments in 2 months. After that every monthly payment will be $50 dls until concluded. Price does not include final reteiners, cleaning and other treatments. For more details call (520) 266-9802

Root Canal

root canal
  • $280 DLS / 310 DLS.
  • Time to do the procedure 1:30 Hr.

Price for root canal only / Molars $310 dls / Bicuspid or Centrals $280 dls If tooth needs a post ($50 dls more) If tooth needs composite resin to rebuild ($100 dls more) If tooth needs porcelain crown ($350 dls more) If you want to choose a metal crown ($200 dls more). For more details call (520) 266-9802

Dental Implants

Dental Implant
  • $1,600 DLS.
  • Time to do the procedure 30 min.

Prices for Dental Implants include porcelain crown, abutment (post), and titanium implants. Downpayments start from 900 dls / Payment plans from 4 to 5 months. In some cases its necessary to do bone grafftin, sinus lift, extraction or place membrane, not included on the price. For more details call (520) 266-9802

Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning
  • DENTAL CLEANING $50 DLS. – Time 30 min..
  • DENTAL WHITENING - $150 DLS. – Time 1 Hr.

Prices for dental cleaning start from $50 dls (deep cleaning) depending on the tartar in your mouth. If you have bleeding in your gums and swallow, you might need a different treatment like Root Planing or Open Flap, ask about them. Price for dental whitening start from $150dls, depending on how stained your teeth are it could . Ask about the Home Bleaching Treatment. For more details call (520) 266-9802