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Our technology

Our Technology

Our Technology

Digital X - Rays

Digital Xrays

Digital X-rays have to give the most accurate diagnosis and less radiation. With the help of this technology, we can find the problem faster. This technology is applied in Endodontics, Periodontics and Surgery

Laser DMC

Laser DMC
  • - We therapeutic laser to reduce discomfort and sensitivity caused by dental treatment: Therapeutic Laser DMC can make it easier for you.
  • - The LASER DMC is used in most treatments for your comfort and the complement of teeth whitening Laser.
  • - Advance Dental also offers a therapeutic laser treatment and laser whitening. This unique technology accelerates recovery in any area of dentistry as: – Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics and Surgery, among others.
  • - In addition, the DMC has LASER tooth whitening complement significantly reduces the sensitivity of the teeth caused by most tooth whitening techniques, it is faster and more efficient.
  • - Laser teeth whitening is used in complement with Pola Office Teeth Whitening System Advanced, which provides an output beyond the expectations of the patient.

Ultrasonic Scaler

Ultrasonic Scaler

Never been easier to remove plaque from the teeth without any pain or tension, with the ultrasonic scaler we are able to accomplish that. Ultra Sonic climber has different types of intensity in order to avoid damaging the enamel and also offers greater comfort compared to traditional systems. Works with a light that gives the dentist a better view and location of tartar.

The Root ZX II

Dental cleaning

The Root ZX II Low Speed Handpiece with OTR technology prepares root canals while displaying precise and accurate measurements. During file rotation, the torque is automatically measured. If the torque is less than the set value, the file rotation continues, but if the torque has reached the set value, the file reverses rotation by 90° and then continues in the cutting direction once again. OTR reduces file fatigue, as well as the possibility of file breakage.



GuttaCore obturators are the first crosslinked gutta-percha core obturators to deliver warm gutta-percha throughout the canal system. GuttaCore is designed to create a dense, 3D fill in minutes and the crosslinked gutta-percha core removes easily. Crosslinked Gutta-Percha Core Changes What’s Possible. The same gutta-percha transformed with subtle, flexible strength. Handle bends off – Remove the handle by bending to either side of the canal wall without affecting the seal. Post space and retreatment simplified. GuttaCore obturators remove easily. Remove the material with a rotary file or post space drill. Retains shape when heated. Centrally compacts the surrounding warm flowable gutta-perch 3-dimensionally.

Prototaper Next

Protaper Next

PROTAPER NEXT™ is the successor to the PROTAPER® UNIVERSAL system, which has been the gold standard in endodomics tor many years, it is an efficient solution for endo practitioners seeking a versatile, flexible system that will handle the vast majority of root canal treatments.

Motor Colación de implantes

Motor colacion de implantes